jan van den berg | flatwormsex

actor jan van den berg elaborated on the subject of concentrate and creative reduction in the microcosmos

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flatwormsex | © 2010 jan van den berg | camera: elizabet van der kooij


as part of ocw’s crimmp_02 jan van den berg told us about his fascination for the simplest organisms and animal species. _and about the lessons and the pleasures they offer us, alleged higher life forms. _jan van den berg is an explorer of the exceptional kind. _the expeditions he sets out for don't lead to blank spots on the world's map but to the boundaries of the naked eye and bare common sense. _he loves to attend scientifical experiments that strain his imagination to the very limits. _and that yield tall stories. _stories of which you soon can't tell whether they are science. _or already fiction. - or the other way round. _ all the more because he talks with the persuasiveness of someone who has experienced it all himself. _which is true by the way. _so he says

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photo: nico parlevliet