contribution # 3 | REIZENDE ZEILEN | neuropäpste

video recording of 'reizende zeilen'

editing: florian cramer (source: youtube)


from dutch perspective, the words reizende zeilen mean ‘travelling sails’. _from a german point of view, reizende zeilen is understood as ‘charming lines’. _with reizende zeilen, the brilliant dilletants mariëtte groot (nl) and florian cramer (d) play an ingenious game with (their) bilingualism. _the starting point is simple: two parties, two halves. _for convenience's sake, the left one german, the right one dutch. _initially the players stay neatly within the lines, but soon the boundaries of the field fade, halves penetrate each other, they start to overlap, shrink to a center spot.

with reizende zeilen, the neuropäpste 'vertonen' the(ir) concept of ambiguity in a clever way. _in that hybrid verb: 'vertonen' lies the essence of their field of operation. _in these three syllables 'ver-to-nen', two meanings: 'to convert into sound' (d) and 'to show' (nl) blend, and that is exactly what the duo does with one move. _reizende zeilen is a complex x-lingual ritual, that provokes cross-listening. _the printed, free booklet with the complete text, offered to the audience after the performance, should relieve the slower cross-listeners [as]

reizende zeilen, neuropäpste, mariëtte groot. florian cramer

click here to download the (dutch/german) PRINTVERSION of 'reizende zeilen' as a -pdf.file/ file size: 60 kb / 16 pages / dim.: 106 x 150 mm / © 2010-2013 | rotterdam / m. groot & f. cramer