contribution # 2 | MERGE |

idea, direction - sato endo / visual creation - nicola unger / camera - bas noordermeer

MERGE / o mighty armed one, seeing Your magnificent form of manifold faces and  eyes, manifold arms, legs and feet, manifold stomachs and manifold terrifying teeth; all the planets tremble in fear and so do i. - Mahabarata


camera: hannie van den bergh

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"is the body a part of its surrounding, or is the surrounding a part of the body?" _during a residency this summer at kunst en complex, sato endo and nicola unger did research on how a visual story can be told through weaving video projection of still images with projection of human and object shapes. _a live performer interacts with the projection. _the still images are body images, maps and archive images of the river schie near delfshaven.

for crimmp_15,  the research is brought further by linking the body and the land through juxtaposition of images. _live and recorded movement is choreographed together with the juxtaposition. _the outcome of this research will be further developed for a final project happening in summer 2014: MERGE is a site-specific project in which video projection, a house on the schie, its surrounding and a performer on a boat will be integrated into a performance on water.

sato endo, nicola unger, merge, crimmp_15, ocw, rotterdam

project initiators - patrick boel & christel schanzenbach / production - lique van gerven / production support - stichting buurcooperatie mathenesserdijk with financial support of dienst kunst en cultuur rotterdam

thanks to judith schoneveld