contribution # 5 | PINCHPENCIL | jos van der meulen


€ 2,- each

€ 20,- complete set of 12 with hanger


jos van der meulen, pinchpencil, crimmp_17, ocw, stage for small scale events

jos van der meulen, pinchpencil with hanger, crimmp_17, ocw, stage for small scale events

van der meulens atelier draws attention to ordinary and obliterated matters. _for crimmp_17, the carpenter's pencil and the clothes peg combine their specific qualities in a new product: the pinchpencil. _the party leadership of vandermeulens-sales department is proud of its productive capacity: week after week, the goals were achieved; box after box filled up with pencils, equipped with the characteristic pinch-clamp mechanism, produced according to traditional methods. _but the demand was disappointing, and the warehouse got packed because common people didn't seem to need pinchpencils. _the vdm-management expressed the hope that the ocw-attendees might know how to handle a proper pinchpencil. _not in vain. _twenty-eight pieces made their way to the audience.