stage ocw presents crimmp_27 on april 27, 28 and 29, 2018

the program features contributions by:

rose petal jam, scordatura ensemble, alfrun schmid, lucia mense, lucas van helsdingen, elisabeth smalt, anna mikhailova, partch project, chris smalt, anne la berge, li po songs, harry partch, crimmp_27, ocw, stage for small scale events, rotterdam

wedding picture of harry partch' parents, 1888

the SCORDATURA ENSEMBLE / rose petal jam / 50 minutes, music / rose petal jam is a research and reconstruction project featuring the early chamber music of the visionary american viola player and composer harry partch (1901-1974). _in the nineteen thirties he radically changed his composing and burnt all his work until then in a pot belly stove. _he composed only in his self-designed tuning system, inspired by pure tuning and natural intervals, as already the ancient greek had explored. _the poems of the chinese poet li po (701-762), dealing with longing, exile, finding solace in nature and drinking with other lonely refugees inspired partch to write his first pieces in the new tone system: seventeen lyrics by li po for adapted viola and Intoning voice. _for the rose petal jam-project, the scordatura ensemble invited eight composers to write a new li po song. _crimmp_27 features, among others, three of these new songs: jingting of the rotterdam based musician and composer christian smalt, just before the rain of flutist, improviser and composer anne laberge and the première of anna mikhailova's suruah sirajo. _performing artists: alfrun schmid (voice), lucia mense (flutes), lucas van helsdingen (bass clarinet) and elisabeth smalt (viola)


ineke smits, putin's mama, crimmp_27, ocw, stage for small scale events, rotterdam

vera putina and her son vova, 1958

INEKE SMITS / putin’s mama / 51 minutes, subtitled in english / putin’s mama is a documentary from 2003 about vera putina, who lives in a small georgian village and believes to be the mother of russian president vladimir putin. _not much in vera putina's 77-year existence distinguishes her from all those other russian women who grew up and grew old in the soviet union. _until, in 1999, she recognized in vladimir putin the son she thought was lost forever. _did the son that vera thought was lost, vladimir vladimirovich putin, really become the president of russia? _for vera, it is beyond doubt that her vova got that far. _and not only vera is convinced of it, her daughters and the other inhabitants of the georgian village of metechi are sure that the ten-year old who disappeared so long ago, must be the same as the man who is president of russia

events on friday evening 27, saturday evening 28 and sunday evening 29 april, 2018

start program 20.30 hrs., end of program appr. 22:30 hrs.

door open 30 minutes before start, reception with coffee and tea & a drink after the show


the space has a limited capacity of 35 seats. _if you want to be sure of a seat, you can book one via arnosch@wxs.nl _bookings will be confirmed by e-mail. _the admission and drinks for ocw evenings are free. _yet visitors are requested to donate whatever amount they think appropriate for attending the performances afterwards. _the participating artists receive a equal share of the collected sum after the show (incrowd funding). _so make sure you bring some cash with you and be generous with your donation

ocw, stage for small scale events, drievriendenstraat 26, 3014 js rotterdam

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