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view to restoration / gerwin luijendijk and jos deus (dutch spoken)

through video and material experiment, artist gerwin luijendijk investigated the role of the restorer in relation to the authenticity of the artwork and, through this, the influence of the restorer on the artwork. _for view to restoration, gerwin and restorer jos deuss met in a relaxed ambiance for a dialogue. __during the conversation, which inevitably dealt with topics like destruction and restoration, they reflected on their brief but exciting collaboration. _a discussion, concluded by a small dance

*gerwin luijendijk is a rotterdam based artist working with video, performance, installation and music.
**jos deuss is a professional restorer of paintings, who worked for institutions like the dordrechts museum.


view to restoration received financial support from the rotterdam center of visual arts (cbk)


date off-crimmp_03: wednesday evening, March 30, 20 hrs.

the third episode of off-crimmp was attended by 39 persons