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lotte heerkens, lotte's gze, off-crimmp_cinema_01, ocw, podium voor kleinschaligheden, rotterdam

off-crimmp_cinema is a pleasant way of skipping evening school in a former class room at the drievriendenstraat, that was transformed into a movie theater. _the first episode featured recent films by josefien van kooten & anna witte, lotte heerkens and hester overmars, selected by filmmaker noud heerkens. _before the program started and during the intermission, three 16-mm films from the goethe archive were screened in the hall: from the series rundflüge: litzlbachhörnl, meersburg and watzmann.


program (dur. appr. 100 minutes):

lotte’s gaze (2015) / directed by lotte heerkens / 16 minutes / language: dutch (subtitles in english)

lotte heerkens, lotte's gaze, off-crimmp_cinema_01, ocw, stage for small scale events, rotterdam

in this personal documentary, director lotte heerkens wonders who she is as a human being - and why she is like that. _was she born with her traits or was she mainly formed by her specific experiences? _has she always been both a home bird and a nomad, or did she develop this two-folded personality in her childhood? _with the help of old home videos, interviews and personal footage, she investigates her past, present and future.


within a walled world (2015) / directed by josefien van kooten and anna witte / 29 minutes / language: dutch, english, greek (subtitles in english).

josefien van kooten & anna witte, within a walled world, off-crimmp_cinema_01, ocw, stage for small scale events, rotterdam

within a walled world is an ego-documentary in which two documentary-makers try to find their own position concerning a world problem. _confronted with suffering, acute needs and requests for help from countless refugees on the greek island of lesbos, anna witte and josefien van kooten research the role of media, which they themselves are part of. _the film reflects in a essayistic manner on the value that is given to the documentation of social problems and borders which are crossed in the process.

forbidden flight (2014) / directed by hester overmars / 53 minutes / language: german (subtitles in english)

hester overmars, forbidden flight, off-crimmp_cinema_01, ocw, stage for small scale events, rotterdam

june 19th, 1983. _at a clearing in a forest close to the east-german city of teichel, thomas and gundula anhalt secretly put together a single-engine aircraft. _their oldest son michael is being turned into a small soldier for the socialist state at school and their youngest daughter isabell is only three years old. _longing for freedom and a better future for their children, thomas and gundula want to escape life under a communist regime. _the children are to go with them on the flight in the tiny aircraft. _however, their activities in the windy field don’t go unnoticed and they are betrayed by passers-by. _the family is arrested by the stasi and sentenced to prison. _thirty years later the family members look back on the events, which are still a determining factor in their lives. _what were the consequences of their attempted escape for the relationships within the family? _and did the parents eventually manage to realize their dream of leading a life of freedom together with their children?


date off-crimmp_cinema_01: friday evening april 15, 2016, from 20 hrs. on

the first episode of off-crimmp_cinema was attended by 37 persons