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BLACK & WHITE PHOTO'S: Eveline van Egdom


CONTEXT: Recombinant was the third site specific music-theatre project created by Arnold Schalks for foundation Bühne de BovenLucht. Recombinant took place on September 22 - 30, and October 1, 2000. The location was the studio building of Kunst & Complex foundation, Keileweg 26 in Rotterdam. Visual art and classical music were combined in a performance that referred to the location's industrial history. The duration of the performance was 125 minutes (intermission included). Recombinant received financial support from the Rotterdam Festivals foundation, the Rotterdam Artscouncil, foundation 'Bevordering van Volkskracht', the Erasmus-foundation and the VSB Fund.

EDITION I: The 'RECOMBINANTpaper' was published on August 18, 2000 in Rotterdam. It included information about the location of the performance, the program, and an itinerary to the Keileweg. / TECHNIQUE: Laserprint, A4 double sided. / EDITION: 2.250 copies.

Click here to download the English version of the 'RECOMBINANT PAPER' in pdf format / File size: 2,4 MB / © 2000, Rotterdam, Arnold Schalks.

EDITION II: 'RECOMBINANT, the report' was published on November 7, 2000 in Rotterdam. It comprised an evaluation concerning content and finances, a floor plan of the set, an extensive image supplement and the Recombinant meticulous timetable. / TECHNIQUE: Laserprint, 68 black and white images, A4 landscape, 28 pages, ring binder. / EDITION: 35 copies.